1953 - Michael Smither, schoolboy, tries to fly...33 years later Michael Smither, artist, is going to try again.

Michael Smither and friends discuss the immense effort birds make to learn to fly. Smithers must study birds in order to create a flying suit that he can use himself. This is a survey of his work and the many experiments carried out by the group to achieve Michael’s dream.

Producer: Tony Hiles
Director: Tony Hiles
Art Department: Caroline Girdlestone
Groundcrew: Burton Silver
Groundcrew: Rachel Mcalpine
Music: Nik Brown
Music: Michael Smither
Photography: Ian Paul
Second Camera: Donald Duncan
Sound: Ken Saville
Sound Mix: Brian Shennan
Editor: Jamie Selkirk
Graphics: Tim Bright
Cast: Michael Smither

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