Australian Mike Rheinberger was obsessed by a dream to climb Mount Everest. He had tried six times to reach the summit and had failed. On his seventh attempt, he took his friend, New Zealand cameraman Mark Whetu, with him to record what he hoped would be the attainment of his dream. The Fatal Game is a record of the triumph and tragedy of the pair’s ascent.
Interviews with: Mark Whetu, mountain guide and cameraman; Mike Rheinberger, Australian mountain climber; Eric Simonson, expedition leader; Edie Young, Mark’s wife; Ansja De Boer, Mark’s business partner.
Director: Richard Dennison
Writter: James Heyward
Producer: Richard Dennison
Producer: James Heyward
Executive Producer: James Hayward
Story: Mark Whetu
Principal Photography: Andrew Salek
Mount Everest Photography: Mark Whetu
Mount Everest Photography: Mike Perry
Chooyu Photography: Andrew Salek
Chooyu Photography: Mark Whetu
Editor: Julian Russell
Sound Mix: Mike Gissing
Sound Mix: Mark Keating
Sound Mix: Digital City Studios
Everest Footage Provided: Eric Simonson
Writter: Richard Dennison

Available to watch on  Prime Video in some countres.

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