This combines oral histories, state of the art animations and powerful dramatic re-enactments to bring to life the narratives of Te Ātiawa in their epic battle against the military might of the British Empire.

The Taranaki pā site of Pukerangiora holds a significant place in New Zealand’s military history as a lasting symbol of Māori resistance and resilience.

Pukerangiora is now the backdrop for the latest instalment of RNZ’s award-winning docu-series on the bloody birth of modern New Zealand.  NZ Wars: Stories of Waitara.

Created and presented by award-winning journalist Mihingarangi Forbes NZ Wars: Stories of Waitara documents the epic battle for control over the fertile lands of Taranaki.

Shared through the eyes of Te Ātiawa descendants including Dr Ruakere Hond with insights from acclaimed historian Dr Vincent O’Malley this digital documentary project focuses on the beginning of the Taranaki wars which started in Waitara and raged across the region for over two decades.

Forbes says "I'm so very grateful to the storytellers of Te Ātiawa, the families of Waitara and the iwi leadership for allowing us to share this important story.  It's unfair to leave painful pasts on the shoulders of just a few.  This history belongs to us all."

Producer/Director Mahanga Pihama says ‘It’s an absolute honour to work with the iwi and put pictures to amazing stories that will forever remain a part of New Zealand history’.

The digital project also features extended interviews with tribal historians Rāwiri Doorbar and Hēmi Sundgren as well as poi performance, standalone animations and dramatic re-enactments.

Watch at RNZ

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