A christmas AlbumIn 1980, Maddock and her husband Michael Easther co-authored a book called A Christmas Garland: A New Zealand Christmas Album, 1642-1900. Some sources say this was turned into a TV show, but the dates suggest the show formed the basis of a book almost two decades later.

Christmas in hot summer sunshine no longer seems strange to contemporary New Zealanders, but for those who came to our shores in earlier times, a December without snow or holly often seemed unbearably alien. In 'A Christmas Garland' the authors take a nostalgic look at the many ways in which Antipodean Christmases have been celebrated from the time Tasman and his crew held their shipboard festivities in 1642 to the more leisured picnics and outings undertaken by Edwardian New Zealanders. Beautifully illustrated in colour and black and white, this charming and often delightfully humorous book will be treasured by New Zealand readers for many Christmases to come...

Christmas book

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