James McNeish interviews James Bertram regarding unrest, war and revolution in Europe and Asia,

1) Path to Peking (3/4/1977)

Students years in New Zealand, family and friends - the depression Rhodes scholar at Oxford —travels in Stalin's Russia and a meeting with Hitler in Germany - appointed to China
Producer, John O'Shea
Director: Barry Barclay
Pacific Films/tv1

2) Mutiny At Sian (10/4/1977)

A foreign correspondent for the London -to north China - meeting the Red Arm mutiny at Sian and Qiiig Kai-shek's kidnapping - an exclusive coverage - forming the Common Front against the Japanese. 

3) Red Army in the North (17/4/1977)

The war against Japan - a visit to Tokyo - morale in the Red Army - meetings with Mao Tse-tung. 

4) Cloud Over Hong Kong:(24/4/1977)

Acquaintances in China; the Soong sisters, Norman Bethune, Rewi Alley, Auden and Isherwood - working with Madame Sun Yat Sen on the China Defence League - return to wartime New Zealand - fighting the Japanese at Hong Kong - Fall of Hong Kong

5) Fire Over Tokyo (1/5/1977)

A prisoner of the Japanese — solitary confinement — the "incorrigibles" — fire bombing of Tokyo — Allied victory — a quiet life at Belmont — revisiting Tokyo and Omori Prison — meeting Mme Sun Yat sen once more.

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