TV3's flagship documentary series

Ruapehu Tragedy (1993)
In August 1990, 11 soldiers led by 2 instructors set out from Waiouru for a routine course in snowcraft and survival on Mt Ruapehu. Six days later, 6 soldiers died of hypothermia. This documentary probes into the reasons why the journey went so disastrously wrong.
Includes interviews with: Surviving members of the party that were on the winter mountain training exercise; Kin of those who died; Don Bogie, Department of Conservation Search and Rescue; Ross Lawrence, Ruapehu Alpine Lift.
Narrator: Jeff Boyd
Introduced: Simon Carr
Director: Mike Lemmon
Producer: David Harry Baldock
Executive Ptroducer: Geoff Steven
Associate Producer: Bronwen Stewart
Production Manager: Peter Baldock
Camera: Chris Frew
Editor: Geoff Conway
Writer: David Young
Researcher: David Young
Animation: Robert Brodie
Animation: Pixel Perfect
Script Editor: John Smyth
Sound Recordist: Ken Saville
Archival Material: Tv3 News Library
Archival Material: Radio New Zealand
Archival Material: New Zealand Police
Archival Material: New Zealand Army
Archival Material: Next Of Kin

Murder, They Said (1996)
A documentary considering the history behind the murders of the two Swedish tourists, Urban Hoglin and Heidi Paakkonen, in 1989.
Director: Bryan Bruce
Presenter: Brian Edwards

Otara - Defying the Odds (1998)
Follows the paths of eight people born and raised in Otara, who have broken the mould and used Otara as a springboard to success. Many have subsequently used their success to help others in their home community break down the stereotypes and achieve.

Director: Haunui Royal
Producer: Rhonda Kite
Camera: Peter Mayo
Editor: Bill Toepfer
Sound: Terry King
Presenter: Kerre Woodham
Narrator: Dale Husband

Hight Times (2005)
3 part series looking at the story of widespread illict and legal drug use in NZ

Earthquake! (2006)
Gaylene Preston's documentary marking the 75th anniversary of the Hawkes Bay Earthquake

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