Wrestling show managed by Steve Rickard, screened on TV3  from May 18 to July 27 1990. The show was hosted by Butch Bradley, John Dybvig  and Steve Rickard who was also in charge of booking the matches and assembling the talent. MC for the shows was Captain Pat McGowan.

It was created by Isambard Productions for TV3, in light of the sucess of WWF Superstars of Wrestling on TV2.

Tapings were held at the ASB Stadium in Kohimarama.

Wrestlers included: Siva Afi, “Wild Thing” Stevie Ray, Mark Starr, Lou Perez, Shane O’Rourke, Curtis Hughes, The Russian Brute, The Nasty Boys, The Terminator, The Bounty Hunter, Bulldog Bob Brown, Mark Youngblood, Stevie Ray, “The Canadian Stockman” Patterson, Diamond Timothy Flowers, Kid Hardy, Larry O’Dea, Jack Laki, “The Maori Warrior” Juno Houia, The Mongolian Mauler, Ole Olsen and “Golden Boy” Mike Golden.

Details from nzpwi

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