A panel of women (Beauty) answer viewers problems. Host by Selwyn (The Beast) Toogood

Beauty and the Beast Cookbook
Edited by Anne Toft

hard cover.
ISBN 456 02550 2.
Methuen, 1978. 81 pages.

Beauty and the Beast is one of televisions most popular panel discussion programmes. In this personality cookbook sixteen of the Beauties and Selwyn Toogood talk about themselves and share their favourite recipes as an expression of their support for the Bill Toft Memorial Fund.

The recipes reflect the panellists wide range of interest and off-screen activities. There are dishes to suit all occasions and palates including dinner party specials, quick tasty snacks, family fare, wholesome homemade breads, new ideas for vegetables, crisp salads and fresh fruit, children's party treats - and even how to make wet day barbecues a great success.

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