Looking at the arts in New Zealand.

INIA TE WIATA — Every Bend a Power: (3 Dec 1976)

A documentary showing how the carved pouihi in New Zealand House, London, was conceived and made by the late Inia Te Wiata, and how it was finally placed in the stair-well. Inia talks about his attitude to carving, how his work relates to and in some ways differs from traditional Māori art. Jeremy Payne talks to Beryl Te Wiata, who produced the film. 

Three New Zealanders: Janet Frame (1977)
Michael Noonan talked about the influence her life and experiences have had on her writing. Illustrated by dramatized excerpts from her novels and short stories produced by Endeavour Television.
Watch via ngataonga.org.nz


A compilation of pictures of Christchurch people and places which serve to illustrate Denis Glover's poems, read by Allan Dunford.

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