A historical survey of animation in New Zealand. Includes information on key film makers Len Lye and Fred O’Neill; Disney trained animators Bob Morrow, John Ewing and Sam Harvey, who fostered New Zealand’s early commercial animation industry; the emergence and application of computer animation; feature films ‘Footrot Flats’ , ‘Shrek’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy; and the current crop of ‘hands on’ animators such as Greg Page, Guy Capper and Jamie Carnard.

Interviews: Len Lye. Fred O’Neill. Mike Walker. Sam Harvey. John Ewing. Dick Frizzell. Murray Freeth. Euan Frizzell. Pat Cox. Murray Ball. John Sheils. Fane Flaws. George Port. Richard Taylor. Stephen Regelous. Joe Letteri. Andrew Adamson. Brent Chambers. Rose Woodman. Ian Taylor. Dean Lyon. Jamie Carnard. Guy Capper. Mario Wynands. Greg Page.

Writer: Chris Wilks
Director: Chris Wilks
Producer: Ray Ruawhare
Research: Kay Seatter-Dunbar
Sound Mix: Graham Ridding
Editor: Jeff Hurrell
Director of Photography: David Holley
Director of Animation: Euan Frizzell
Voice of Mr Pencil: Brian Sergent

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