Ground Rules gave viewers a basic guide to gardening, with every episode based around a design theme.

The show was hosted by expert gardeners: Richard Greenwood, a landscape architect, Lynda Hallinan, a gardening journalist (and former presenter of Mucking In), and Dan Rutherford, a Christchurch based landscape designer.

In each episode the hosts presented their latest design site, where a garden was in need of a designer's flair and the experts took viewers through a range of design options.

Each episode was broken down into segments where different gardening options were addressed.

These segments included: Designer Touch, a showcase of New Zealand gardeners; Shopper's Guide, what to buy and when to buy it to get the most from your gardening money; Plant Doctor, how to take care of your gardens; and finally, The Basics, a reminder about best practice for seasoned gardeners and a lesson in basics for those new to the scene.

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