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Ex-foreign correspondent and adventurer, TVNZ's  presenter Paul Henry leads us further off the beaten track than any travel programme has  before, as he goes in search of New Zealanders in the most extreme places of the world. Part travel series, part personal documentary, ENDS OF THE EARTH discovers how our culture, our heritage, and our way of life has bred such unique and diverse people. He meets individuals who are prepared to sometimes put their lives at risk or live in the harshest environments, living extraordinary lives.

The series is as much about Paul and his crew trying to reach these unique destinations as it is about the people they find when they get there.

Paul offers an intelligent personality not afraid to experience life but willing to laugh at himself. An avid traveller with stories of warzone reporting, Paul is our vehicle to find these offshore kiwis.

And we all know that getting to places is half the fun or sometimes half the nightmare as we venture into the oddest, furthest and riskiest corners of the planet!

Special features:

60 minutes of exclusive bonus material - a humourous interview with Paul recalling the series that changed his life, and we find out what's happened to our offshore kiwis since his visit. Plus TVNZ captions for the hearing impaired.  

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