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In 1914 Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Im­perial Trans Antarctic Expedition headed for the South Pole and disaster. SHACKLETON’S CAP­TAIN reveals the truth behind the spectacular rescue and shows how one man’s extraordinary skills and unsung heroism made it possible: Frank Worsley, Captain of the expedition ship, Endurance.

Worsley was faced with seemingly insurmountable odds when the Endurance became trapped in pack ice off the coast of Antarctica. The ship was slowly crushed, forcing Worsley and his crew to abandon ship. They spent the next ten months living on the ice floe before rowing three boats to a desolate rock called Elephant Island. The men were facing slow starvation in the freezing cold and with no rescue in sight Worsley, Shackleton and the four crew were forced to risk everything by sailing one of the tiny lifeboats eight hundred miles across the Southern Ocean to the small island of South Georgia where they hoped to find help at the a Norwegian whaling station. Twenty eight lives were in the balance as master sailor Frank Worsley navigated in the worst conditions imaginable; rogue waves, ice bergs and a hurricane in a journey modern sailors consider to be one of the greatest sailing voyages of all time.

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