Series 1 - Dramatisations of the stories of six women in early New Zealand

Ettie Rout (feminist, socialist, nurse)

Sibylla Maude (founder of the District Nursing Association in the South Island)

Princess Te Puea (grand-daughter of the second Māori King, who spearheaded the resurgence of traditional art forms and the construction of maraes)

Elizabeth Colenso (an early missionary)

Hera Ngoungou (abducted by Taranaki Māori at an early age in revenge for her father breaking tapu)

Ellen Hewett (who after an arranged marriage at fifteen found herself widowed by twenty-one with four small children on a remote farm in the late 1800s).

Producer - Pamela Jones

A second series screened in 1990

Mother Aubert (1835-1926), the French nun whose work as a Catholic missionary, district nurse and foundress of the Daughters of Our Lady of Compassion at Jerusalem on the Wanganui River and at Island Bay, Wellington, won her the accolade New Zealand's Greatest Woman.

Mabel Howard, Labour MP 1943-1969 and New Zealand's first woman cabinet minister who became a household name during her 27 years in parliament.

Aunt Daisy (Maud Ruby Basham 1870-1963), pioneer broadcaster through the depression, World War Two and the postwar crisis who became the most famous voice of radio broadcasting.


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