The Goodnight Kiwi, later also called TV Kiwi, is a character in an animated short which has been used to signal the end of nightly broadcasts on Television New Zealand channels.

The original version of the Goodnight Kiwi clip was used by South Pacific Television somewhere between 1976 and 1980 and saw the Goodnight Kiwi and his companion living in a television camera. At the end of the clip, the kiwi would close the side flaps on the camera and then the South Pacific Television logo would appear as the music faded out.

A couple of years later a new version appeared with the kiwi and his cat exiting the studio while turning off the lights

A later version added an assent of a broadcasting mast with the TV Kiwi and Cat going to sleep in a satellite dish. This version was used on Television One and Television Two between 1981 with its last screening on October 19, 1994, before TV2 began 24-hour broadcasting.

Sources credit Sam Harvey as the animator of the 1981 version, with music arrangement by Bernie Allen and sound by Gary Potts.

This animation returned on 6 September 2007 for use on TVNZ 6 when the channel ended transmission at midnight.

The Goodnight Kiwi's companion is simply known as The Cat.

Goodnight Kiwi 2019

The Goodnight Kiwi and Cat returned in a 2019 show streaming on TVNZ OnDemand where hosts read popular New Zealand bedtime stories, accompanied by animation, original illustrations and live performances. 

Readers over the 11 episodes included Hilary Barry, Stacey Morrison, Madeleine Sami, Jackie van Beek, Jeremy Wells, The Topp Twins, Urzila Carlson, Jayden Daniels, Dean O'Gormon, Oscar Kightley, and Jacinda Ardern .

In the news:

During transmission breakdowns, a still picture of the Goodnight Kiwi was often used, in poses including one of sweeping the floor and accidentally pulling out a power cord.

There has been a wide range of memorabilia  based on the characters including stickers, a clock, a kids magazine, toiletries, towels, a line of jewelry, and t-shirts:

Dancing stickerTV Kiwi magazineTV Kiwi MagazineTv Kiwi magazineTV Kiw Magazine 

TV Kiwi jewelry

TV Kiwi and the cat

TV Kiwi and the cat
stories by Lyn Williamson; illustrations by Madeline Beasley
Publisher: Auckland, N.Z. : TVNZ Enterprises: [1984]
ISBN: 0908690053 (pbk.) :$6.95

Supposedly there were also soft toys and a puppet show based on the characters.

Bring Back the Goodnight Kiwi badge @ Tepapa.


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