TVNZ Auckland HeadquatersJust over a week after TV3 canceled the news the dire drop in advertising income across the board has forced TVNZ to review its operations and come up with a plan to cut costs.

Most staff learnt via other media sources that the network has proposed:

  • Canceling current affairs programmes Sunday and Fair Go, alongside two daily news bulletins.
  • Firing up to 68 staff; half of which are believed to be in the newsroom. Job losses were also being proposed with TVNZ's youth news service Re: and news video content producers.
  • Cancelling all daily news bulletins aside from 1News at Six

TV shows come and go as they find and loose an audience, but the recent moves by both networks reflect a existential crisis in linear TV that will no doubt have further consequences in the coming years. 

Within the Kiwi-TV household the only time the TV is tuned to a broadcast station is the RNZ simulcast on Channel 50. Everything else we watch is on demand via streaming apps, and I seriously doubt my 12 year old even knows what the phrases TVNZ and TV3 stand for. It's only her 80 year old grand-mother who regularly sits down for a games show then the network news, but soon after that she switches to a streaming service to watch what she wants when she wants. 

In the face of these kinds of changes people at both networks and their families face drastic life changes. They deserve everyone's sympathy and best wishes for the future.

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