Actor returns to old haunts

The Press 27 Aug 1984

Phillip Gordon.jpg

For Phillip Gordon, acting in "Inside Straight" was a bit like revisiting his past.

Gordon, aged 25 [in 1984], grew up in Wellington and as a teenager spent time on the fringe of the underworld scene that is portrayed in the series.

Playing the lead role of Steve Keenan, he had. to return to many of his old haunts in the city.

"It was an odd experience. I kept bumping into people from my past. My ambitions had been so different than theirs and I'd left it all behind, but they were still there. It was really hard to talk to them. I'd changed so much, we didn't have anything in common any more."

Phillip Gordon's first acting experience was when he was eight, appearing as a member of Fagan's gang in an Australian touring production of "Oliver."

When he was 16 he spent a year on "Close to Home," as the wayward teenager, Hugh Clifford.

He moved to Auckland six years ago to study at Theatre Corporate's drama school.

In 1982, after three years with Theatre Corporate, he went freelance, spending [1983] back in Wellington working on' "Inside Straight."

Close to Home (1975-83)
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