Craig HarrisonCraig Harrison was born in Leeds, Yorkshire, in 1942 and came to New Zealand in 1966 to join the English Department at Massey University where he specialized in literature and art history. 


How to be a Pom (Dunmore Press, 1975),

Broken October (Reed, 1976),

The Quiet Earth (Hodder and Stoughton, 1981),

Ground Level (Dunmore Press, 1981),

Days of Starlight (Hodder and Stoughton, 1988),

Grievous Bodily (Penguin, 1991),

The Dumpster Saga (Scholastic 2007).


Tomorrow will be a lovely day (Reed, 1975), which won the Elmwood Jubilee Prize in 1974,

Ground Level (Radio NZ production,1974) which won the J.C. Reid Award in 1974,

The Whites of Their Eyes (Radio NZ production, 1974) which won the NZ Theatre Federation Prize 1974.

He has also written for television:

Comedy Playhouse (1981-83, 1999?)
Joe and Koro (1976-78)