Mildred WoodsSecond family

Originally published in Press, 19 October 1976, Page 23

The thing that amazes Mildred Woods, (Mrs Featherstone) about Close to Home is the way in which viewers have taken the series and the characters to their hearts. And, the attention she gets from the public can be embarrassing at times, particularly when she is recognised on public transport. Mildred is fond of meeting people and welcomes an opportunity for “a good natter.” Mildred, or Millie, as she is affectionately known to the rest of the cast, began her career in Britain. In 1952 she emigrated to New Zealand and now considers herself a real New Zealander. She settled in Christchurch where she became involved in theatre with the Canterbury Repertory Company and the Children’s Theatre. Then followed eight years as a radio actress during which she was off stage completely. In 1968 she returned to the stage doing professional work for universities and also becoming one of the founders of the Court Theatre. With the closing of radio drama in Christchurch by the N.Z.B.C. the most lucrative avenue of employment for Mildred suddenly dried up. It was about this time that she made her first television appearances in Christchurch produced panel games.                  

In April, 1975, Mildred went to Wellington to see what work was offering and out of the blue was offered the role of Mrs Featherstone, The only aspect of this development that disturbed Mildred was being away from her family in Christchurch. However, the “Close To Home” cast has become almost a second family to her.

Close to Home (1975-83)