Can anyone suggest that show this might have been? Sounds like McLeod's Daughters I can't think of any New Zealand candidates...

Hi there
I was hoping you may be able to help me solve a mystery from many years ago
Back in December 1987 I was travelling around New Zealand and I remember watching a miniseries and was upset at the time as I never saw the whole thing due to only being in NZ for 2 weeks.
Is there anywhere I can go to look for the details of this miniseries?  Unfortunately I do not know what it was called but do remember some of the plot.
It was about an elderly tycoon who died with a large fortune. He had two daughters who thought they were going to inherit the fortune.  However along came another daughter from another partnership and the two daughters were not impressed.  They tried hard to scare her away and tried to kill her.  The father had an island with a house and other houses.  It was a drama and probably a little bit scary.  I think one of the daughters had a mental health issue…  I remember a skeleton in a house on the island which scared me (as a 17 year old)
I would love to know what it was called.  It was a NZ miniseries and screened December 1987 / January 1988.
Any help appreciated.
Peter Spark
Victoria Australia

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