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TVNZ archive titles would be a subset of the figures for 2019 onwards which record all audio visual material processed. As the TVNZ material has often been categorised as "at risk" we might safely assume that they make up a majority of titles being preserved each year.

The 2022/23 figures are a welcome jump in progress in the project to have 200,000 at risk tapes digitalised by 2025.

Data Sources

The number of items from the TVNZ Archive digitally preserved between 2014 and 2018 were released in response to an Official Information request in 2017:

2014-15: 0

2015-16: 504 

2016-17: 1360

2017-18: 275 as at 15 November 2017

2018-19 I haven't found any data.

From 2019 Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision annual reports have recorded the number of new titles in their archive digitally preserved as a key metric of its activities. 

2019-20: 5,447

2020-21: 2,926

2021-22: 1,495

2022-23: 10108 plus 89360 via the Utaina project.


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