As reported earlier (See Budget 2014: Better access to NZ's TV heritage?) The TVNZ archives, which include over 500,000 hours of original New Zealand television, will be managed on a day-to-day basis by Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision – the rebranded New Zealand Film Archives, and as part of this a significant program of digitisation is to begin.

“Until now public access to the TVNZ Archives has been very limited.  Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision will begin to digitise the items of highest heritage value and make them available online to all New Zealanders free of charge. 

“The first clips are expected to be online before the end of the year, with about 20,000 titles made available over the next three years.

So where does this leave NZOnScreen? Two teams doing similar things sounds good for the lovers of archival TV but a recipe for duplication of resources, overspending, and ministerial enquires. Plus 'online to all New Zealanders' suggests those of us outside the country might be barred access; backwards thinking in the 21st century; The first two Ws stand for World Wide.

The Chief Executive of Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision talked about their plans with Mediawatch (jump to 9:26).

It all sounds a bit vague really.

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