A nationwide search to find the oldest working television in New Zealand was run as part of a Going Digital campaign to raise awareness of the switchover to digital television

The winning entry was a 53-year-old television set from the West Coast. The 1958 kitset TV was converted to digital on Friday 3 June and the original owner of the TV, 92-year-old Elva Reynolds of Hokitika, was announced as the winner of the competition. digital TV next month ahead of the first switchover in Hawke’s Bay and West Coast in September 2012.

Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman spoke at the launch of the search.

Digital has changed the way we watch TV with better reception and sound quality, as well as more channels and features such as onscreen TV guides, Dr Coleman says.

It will be great if we can unearth some examples of the earliest televisions and make them digital ready to show viewers that you don’t need a new TV to receive digital television.

Even televisions which showed the first moon landing in 1969 or Dick Tayler’s 10,000 metre victory at the 1974 Commonwealth Games can be converted. Veteran television broadcaster Philip Sherry says digital television has changed the viewing landscape for the better.

I've been involved in broadcasting in New Zealand since 1962 so have witnessed the evolution of television from black and white to colour and now to digital broadcasts.

Digital TV represents the next generation of broadcasting in this country, and I'm encouraging Kiwis to search high and low for some truly old televisions to enter in the Going Digital competition.

The first switchover will happen in Hawke’s Bay and the West Coast in September 2012.

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