Kate HarcourtThe Harcourt family of Wellington have a long association with the performing arts. Kate Harcourt began her professional career in the 1960s and has worked extensively in radio, television and film as well as theatre. 

Flower's from My Mother's Garden

Kate and Miranda Harcourt's Flowers from my Mother's Garden
Harcourt, Miranda and McKenzie, Stuart
Published by Penguin Books (NZ) LTd, 1999.

This is a unique family memoir in which Kate Harcourt's story is told by her daughter Miranda, and Miranda's story is told by her mother. As this deeply moving book unfolds, mother and daughter argue about which stories are true and which are pure invention - and in doing so create a challenging and heartwarming portrait of life and relationships in this well-known theatre family. A universal story about mothers and daughters, Flowers is based on the popular stage play of the same name which appeared in the 1998 Wellington International Festival of the Arts...