tv3 patchAfter four-years of legal wrangling to get government approval to introduce a commercial television station TV3 started broadcasting to New Zealanders 26th November 1989. 

TV3 cooler bagDay one promo jacket

The NZ Herald reported "The 14-year-old getting a fish out of a dishwasher in TV3's very-first opening credits was me," says actor/director/Sunrise host Oliver Driver. Cut to a breakfast-news bulletin fronted by Joanna Paul (now Paul-Robie).

"The fact that TV3 was prepared for its first face to be a Māori face was an indescribable high for me as a broadcaster, a woman and a Māori," she says. After kids' programmes, dating show Perfect Match led into the countdown to 3 National News. Veteran newsreader Philip Sherry delivered a word-perfect bulletin.

The only glitch, as legend has it, was the transition to Genevieve Westcott-fronted A Current Affair at 6.30pm, when the entire screen was momentarily coloured green. It was a frenetic day for bureau chief Keith Slater. "It was difficult enough getting the first programme to air but then after a few drinks came the sobering realisation that we had to do it all again the next day, and the next."


First week

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