Actor hopes to make film in Africa

The Press 18 Aug 1984

Martyn Sanderson (right) and Ray Billing in 'Inside Straight
Martyn Sanderson (right) and Ray Billing in "Inside Straight"

The Auckland-based actor. writer and director, Martyn Sanderson, hopes to make a feature film in Africa.

Sanderson, aged 46, has co-written and acted in feature films, but he is yet to direct one. He is planning to write and direct his first feature, and he wants to film it on location in Africa "within the next year or so."

Sanderson has worked as a theatre director and directed short films, one of his most significant being "Keskidee Aroha." He co-wrote the feature films, "Solo" and "Pallet on the Floor." Features he bas acted in include "Wildman," "Solo," "Beyond Reasonable Doubt," "Bad Blood." "Utu," "The Lost Tribe, "Wild Horses," "Trial Run" and "Sylvia." The last two films are still to be released.

During five years working in Australia in the late 1960s, One of Sanderson's acting jobs was a role in the Ned Kelly movie.

On television, he has appeared in "The Governor," "Pukemanu" "Epidemic," "Rachel," "Sea Urchins," "Gather Your Dreams," "Children of Fire Mountain," "Kingi's Story" and the old "Blerta" shows.

In "Inside Straight" tonight, he plays. Jack Keenan, Steve's father, who arrives in the city with lots of charm, but little money. His schemes for improving his lot keep Steve, Sylvia and George on their toes.

"A likeable rogue" is how Sanderson describes the character. He said he had enjoyed doing the part, specially because the series was filmed in the city.

"I really enjoyed working in the city. You feel closer to the life that's going on around you than you do working in a studio or making something that's set way back in time."

Sanderson has just finished filming a small part in two episodes of "Roche," the new TVNZ series being made by the "Inside Straight" producer, Peter Muxlow.

He is working on scripts for another new series, "The Seekers" as well as preparing his second annual directory of the film and television industry.

Sanderson began acting when he was at school and most of his work since has been in some way involved with drama, though he has also been a farm labourer and a furniture maker.

He is married and has five children.