Claude (Alias Clive Court) -British T.V.s Casual Cowboy Conjurer-chalked up a notable first when the N.Z.B.C. gave him the opportunity to do a radio show.

It was an occasion of firsts all round. Not only was it Claude's first radio show, but "lt's on the House" was the first variety show to he held in the N.Z.B.C.s new Wellington studios. Until that show Claude had been exclusively a T.V. artist whose special brand of western magic and humour had delighted viewers in Britain and Australia.

Born on Halloween--the traditional night for witches. warlocks and magic-its hardly surprising that Claude should turn to one of the magic arts. At the early age of six he made his debut as a magician: but not until he was 18 and made his first appearance for ATV London did he decide to devote his attention to the television medium.

Carefully he analysed the appeal of successful British and American shows and performers. The lessons he learnt he applied to his own brand of western magic for the small screen.

Having developed his style and routine he realised that an international television link-up between English speaking countries was a possibility of the not too distant future. Rather than rely on second-hand information about the television industry in other countries. Claude decided to have a look-see for himself.

Contrary to popular belief that most Cowboys' head West. Claude packed his bags and flew oil East. About two years ago he landed in Australia, a land his grandfather had also journeyed to when he was Claude's age. Whereas his great- grandfather gained fame as the first warden of the renowned Kalgoorlic gold fields. Claude's endeavours were confined to the field of television.

During his stay in Australia he took part in 39 television shows in 4 different States. He capped his successes by winning the 1962 award for "The Most Original T.V. Magician of the year."

With a good working knowledge of Austraiain TV. Claude came over to work for the N.Z.B.C. for six months and to study New ZeaIand television. But Claude likes it so much here that he has decided to stay in New Zealand.

From New Zealand Teen Scene, November 5, 1963

July 1963, Clive appears on WNTV

Clive has found that most of his electronic footprints (tv and radio) had been wiped out, particularly my pieces in the radio show It's On The House produced to mark the opening of the old Broadcasting House in Wellington... and the first hour long  TV magic special to be produced downunder in 1965--A History of Mystery. This was erased in the late sixties to reclaim tape. Surprising because it was a documentary program. And you do not usually erase documentaries.

Although I was only in NZ for two years (63-65) Clive said I  remain proud of what I managed to achieve there---and remember fondly the fun I had). - Clive's Website


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