First published in the New Zealand TV Weekly, June 3, 1966

When eyebrows are raised on DNTV2, they’re almost certain to belong to continuity announcer Catherine Dowling. Catherine’s eyebrows “talk" when she does, or, more often, one of them does, lifting most expressively, but without any artifice whatsoever. But more even than her unique eyebrows, Catherine is noted for an extremely efficient memory, enabling her to deliver long, and often dry and complicated announcements without stumbling or surreptitious glances at her script. Catherine has another forte too, a comparatively rare one among women announcers. She is at her best on outside broadcast commentaries, with a most admirable flow of language, remarkably free from cliche and repetition. And she has the added knack of appearing to enjoy every minute of whatever she is doing, from compering an antique car rally to participating in a teenage dance broadcast.

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