TV is taxing

Marjorie SimFirst published in the New Zealand TV Weekly, July 11, 1966

Although CHTV3’s eye-catching Marjorie Sim always looks cool, calm and collected, she admits to finding TV far more taxing than sound radio. It’s rather surprising, she says, because it looks easy. Everyone must seem relaxed, but it’s more nerve-racking, and tension is higher and even the slightest little thing going wrong can put you off your continuity. You can cover up more easily on radio, but in television, in full View, it’s much more difficult to maintain equilibrium. Marjorie hails from Deal in Kent and before coming to New Zealand she worked in the telephone manager’s office in the Post Office in the town of Canterbury. She arrived in Wellington in 1961 and did Women’s Hour training there and in Christchurch before going to Dunedin to be Shopping Reporter. She returned to Christchurch as a continuity announcer and, as our picture shows, Channel 3 has a real asset in Marjorie.

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