IRVINE LINDSAY (WNTVI) was born and bred in Christchurch, where her consuming interest was the theatre. On leaving school she joined the Canterbury Repertory Society, the Pheonix Theatre and Elmwood Players, and at one stage she was working for all three at once. It was this love of the theatre which eventually led her to England. Soon after her arrival she was cast in a national tour of the Somerset Maugham play Rain but when this was cancelled, she took a job stage-managing at the Alhambra Theatre in Bradford. The following months proved exciting, and soon she was cast in a touring production which took her back to London. After a year in repertory, she returned to New Zealand and settled in Wellington where she did secretarial work, as well as radio drama for the NZBC. Her first job in television was as assistant to Alan Morris, who was the chief television producer for the NZBC, and before long she was fascinated by the new medium. Wanting to learn more about the production side of TV, she asked to be made a production assistant and during this period she worked on such programmes as Compass, Teen Scene and Jackpot. Irvine began her announcing career in Dunedin where she found her introduction to the camera ”terrifying” After seven "happy months" in the south, she was transferred back to Wellington where most of her time is now taken up with the challenging business of launching On Camera.

From New Zealand TV Weekly, July 3, 1967

She loves her job in television and broadcasting -her favourite programmes are documentaries. She likes programmes like Catch Hand and has a special admiration for some of the outstanding children’s programme's like Supercar. They are so cleverly done. If ever I go back to England I want to visit the studios where these programmes are made to see them being put together.

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