Soap opera graduate

Originally published in New Zealand TV Weekly 25 July 1966

Dr Paul, Portia Faces Life, and so on, are part of the daily diet of many New Zealand housewives, but few CHTV3 viewers would associate John O’Sullivan with these soap operas. In point of fact, as a freelance actor, he worked in these shows as well as-Night Beat during his Australian sojourn, which followed NZBC announcing from 1952 to 1956. He worked on TV for the ABC and also appeared in many live commercials for the other stations before they began recording them. A good continuity man, O’Sullivan would be very interested in working in documentaries and there is no doubt he would be good in this field. His view of TV: You need to be very much on the ball. You can change the whole context of what you say merely by raising an eyebrow. And he does exactly that on occasions!

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