cook_eileen_dntv2.jpgEILEEN COOK (DNTV2) is a widely- travelled English girl who has always had a love of theatre, the spoken word and the arts. While still at school, Eileen wrote to the BBC requesting an announcing job. Their advice was for her to join them as a shorthand typist and work her way up from there. However, after vague plans of becoming a singer, an actress or a teacher, she took a course at a commercial college. On her arrival in New Zealand, Eileen’s teaching ambitions were fulfilled. She trained at Christchurch Teachers College and spent four years as a teacher. Looking back, Eileen considers these years the most rewarding of her life but hastens to add after broadcasting I wouldn't want to go back to it. Eileen joined the NZBC in Timaru in the programme department. She conducted the Children's Session for a while. After two years in Timaru, Eileen transferred back to Christchurch, and from there, went to Gisborne. She wanted to return to the South Island, but as no transfer was available, she left the NZBC for 18 months. It was during this time that she became a qualified beautician. In October 1965, Eileen rejoined broadcasting and after five weeks as a Shopping Reporter in Masterton she was appointed to Person to Person in Dunedin. Eileen found this the most interesting work she had done in broadcatsing so far. Cameras called, however, and after several interviews she became the hostess for DNVT2's On Camera.

from New Zealand TV Weekly, July 3 1967.

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