cunningham_julie_chtv3.jpgJULIE CUNNINGHAM (CHTV3) born and educated in Christchurch, graduating Bachelor of Arts at Canterbury University before taking up school-teaching. She joined the NZBC in 1960 with her heart set on air work but as their were no vacancies, worked first in the copy department. Then followed a spell with woman's programmes which gave her her introduction to the air and after that again she became a full time announcer. The erratic shifts inseparable from straight announcing didn't combine very well with marriage and housekeeping however, so she switched to yet another microphone job-one with more regular hours-the children's programme at 3YA (Julie's entire broadcasting career has been in Christchurch). Then followed perhaps her most rewarding position up to that time. She became Public Affairs Officer. working on both radio and television programmes in that field. Like so many New Zealanders, Julie had a trip overseas, spending two years in Britain and Europe. Her mother is Scottish so it was not surprising that she became particularly fond of Scotland while she was away. A person of wide artistic interests, Julie is a proficient pianist and is also an expert at cane work, making all kinds of things from small baskets and laundry baskets to cane chairs. Another interest is millinery. All in all then, Julie Cunningham is well-equipped for her new venture as she goes full-time before the cameras in the On Camera show.

From New Zealand TV Weekly, July 3, 1967

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