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(NZ Sunday Times 30th May, 1965)

WNTV1’s hostess from 2 p.m. today, Rosalind Walker, will have to stay on at the studio when she comes off duty at
7.30 or she’ll miss her favourite Sunday programme.

“I adore ‘Petticoat Junction’," she told me. And she meant it.

Rosalind, who comes from Hastings, joined the N.Z.B.C. a year ago as a 42YA announcer. She has been in TV since August.

As a student actress Rosalind toured schools with the New Zealand Players Quartet. She worked in the theatre in England for a time, then spent three years in Italy as a courier with a tourist agency.

Ski-ing tops her list of sport, and, yes—she likes gardening.

WNTV1 Rosalind Walker

From the New Zealand TV Weekly. January 30, 1967

She has a charming and delicate air

Rosalind Walker of WNTV1 is an attractive and completely charming young personality. On the glowing television screen or, wearing blue jeans and digging in the garden she retains a delicate ladylike air that most viewers find enchanting. She says she is still unmarried but she does have a steady escort. She lives in Wellington where she shares a flat with two other girls. Almost every room is decorated with souvenirs from foreign parts. We've all travelled a lot, and that accounts for the display you see here, she said to the photographer when he called to take her pictures. Rosalind added that when she has a problem on her mind she plunges into cleaning chores about the flat or digs hard in the garden. I find it a tremendous relaxation, and the best way that I know of to work things out, she says. But I am never happier than when l'm digging in the garden. Daughter of a Hastings horticulturist, she prefers to work without shoes or gardening gloves. In the picture on the left Rosalind plays the piano, mainly for her own amusement.

Above: Rosalind arranges flowers from the garden. Right: In jodhpurs she is ready to go out to a friend's farm in the Wairarapa for a little horse-riding. This active, busy announcer also finds time from her broadcasting duties to make her own clothes and, at every opportunity, tries to read as much as she can. Lawrence Durrell is an author she particularly enjoys.

At a wine-tasting evening in Wellington arranged and presented by the Italian Embassy during its Festival of Italian Wines, Rosalind judges colour, but sticks to her favourite, an Italian red wine. For three years she worked for a travel agency in Italy and she says she speaks good Italian. This attractive NZBC-TV announcer added, I often prepare several varieties of Italian meat dishes at the flat. We give lots of small, " intimate dinner parties.

Rosalind worked on the Selwyn Toogood show in 1966, and by March of 67 had moved to Auckland and married Kevan Moore, producer of C'mon.

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