Children's TV show about a haunted old mansion where only the butler can see the ghosts. Characters included Count Homogenized

A Haunting We Will Go - Pilot Episode

Ghosts for the children in new series

Press, 3 April 1979, Page 15

A glowing shape that tells awful puns, a voice in the cupboard, a piano that plays by itself and furniture that frequently moves around the room — these are just some of the strange things that happen on “A Haunting We Will Go,” a new children’s series which begins screening in the late afternoon today on SPTV.

Major Toom, played by Kevin J. Wilson, does not seem to notice the ghosts that inhabit his house, and it is left to Ernest the butler (Endel Lust) to deal with their antics. Ernest’s life is not made any easier by Count Homogenised (Russell Smith) — the milkman who resembles Dracula dressed in white — whose insatiable desire is milk. He drinks it all the time anywhere he can and he’ll even steal the milk out of a milk shake — leaving only the “shake.” The other “guests” who regularly visit the house are painters and paperhangers who have a life time (ghost time) contract. They use ghost paint which means when they vanish, as all good ghosts must, then all the redecorating vanishes too. This, of course means there’s always plenty of Work for them to do. The ghost decorators are played by the Aurelian Singers who handily provide their own music while they work. The programme idea and characters were created by the producer of the series Kim Gabara and the scripts were written by David McPhail.

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