Puppet photoIn A Land Called Happy a Happy Keeper ensures the place lives up to its name. In that strange land, down among the mushrooms, nothing is ever quite as it seems. Join morbid Max, the swinging and rather foolish Cat E. Piller, the wealthy and elegant Lady Bird, the shy origamist who lives in a giant paper hat, bumbling Bee the world' worst piolet, and the Furry Tale Teller whose stories never seem to end properly.
Happy Keeper - Brian Tuttle
Furry Tale Teller - Lee Hatherly
Puppeteer and Voices - Lynda Spiers
Origami - Laurie Bisman
Magic - Watson Raines
Signer - Neill Pickard
Writer: Margaret Mahy
Director: Keith Tyler-Smith
Producer: Kim Gabara

Brian Tuttle and Cat E. Piller
Happy Keeper (Brian Tuttle) has to make sure that the land lives up to its name but occasionally has to lecture Cat E. Piller


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