DVD coverFollowing on from the four series made in the UK, a walking, talking scarecrow follows Aunt Sally, a life-size fairground doll he loves, from England to New Zealand. 

Series One (1987)

  • As The Scarecrow Flies
  • The Sleeping Beauty
  • Full Employment
  • Worzel's Handicap
  • King of the Scarecrows
  • Worzel to the Rescue
  • Slave Scarecrow
  • The Traveller Unmasked
  • A Friend In Need

Series Two (1989)

  • Stage Struck
  • A Red Sky In T'Morning
  • Them Thar Hills
  • The Beauty Contest
  • Balbous Cauliflower
  • Weevily Swede
  • Elementary My Dear Worty
  • Dreams Of Avarish
  • The Runaway Train
  • Aunt Sally, R.A.
  • Wattle Hearthbrush
  • The Bestest Scarecrow

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