A children's magazine show of cartoons, songs and surprises

Host - Chic Littlewood
Organist - John McKenzie
Complied by Keith Tyler-Smith

WEE WILLIE WILLIE, the voracious little mouse is at it again — into the fruit juice this time. He's naughty and greedy, but he's lovable and a hot favourite with children as a regular on Now C Here (Mon-day afternoons). As our own indigenous puppet (though of Scottish descent), Willie McNab took it on himself to play host to Basil Brush when he was in town last year. The initial meeting was a bit traumatic. Overcome by the presence of his foxy friend, Willie nearly fainted and had to be given mouse-to-mouse resuscitation. But Willie has since gone from mouse strength to mouse strength. He was first heard on radio with his guardian and friend, Alma Woods. Then after showing his face on the Max Cryer show he was snapped up by the talent scouts as a full-time television star. A book on Willie and his whole family - Ma and Pa McNnb. his brothers and sisters and their enemy, the cat - is duo out later....

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