A 13 part miniseries set in New Zealand during 1900

Sir Charles Pemberton (Terence Cooper) travels to New Zealand from the United Kingdom on the advice of his doctor. Once there, he has the idea to build a health spa on Maori land. The story portrays the conflict between the world of the Maori and the white settlers.


Peter Vere-Jones
Paul Airey
Rachel Weston
Martyn Sanderson
Waric Slyfield
Terence Cooper

Production Company - South Pacific Television
Executive Producer: John McRae
Producer: Roger Le Mesurier
Script Writer: Roger Simpson
Director: Peter Sharp


Sir Charles Pemberton and his granddaughter arrive in New Zealand. Sarah Jane's first meeting with Tom, the son of the hotel owner where Sir Charles stays, isn't a success when he is rude to their English guests

Children of Fire Mountain - Tom (Episode One)

Miss Prim
Sarah Jane tells Tom that the strange Maori who helped save their train from disaster is in town. Tom says it's Te Pourinui.

Double Trouble
Someone has been making drink illegally and selling it to the Maoris.

The Taniwha
Sarah Jane has become intrigued with the Maori village detroyed by a volcanic eruption. Tom and his gang are trying to convince the police that Doomy Dwyer is guilty of distilling illegal grog for the Maoris.

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The Initiation

Sir Charles has found the perfect site for his spa hotel, but it is on Maori land. Tom and his gang try to frighten Sir Charles and his granddaughter away, but it is only the governess who leaves.

Sir Charles wants to build a spa hotel on land claimed by the Maoris to be sacred and 'tapu'. Sarah Jane is initiated into Tom's gang and to prove her bravery is to visit the old Maori village at night.

Dark Secrets
Doomy Dwyer's deals are always suspect. He is trying to sell land to Sir Charles. Tom's gang believe Doomy has an illegal distillery and at last discover the store of drink.

Black Magic
Tom, Davie and Sarah Jane have found the still for making illegal grog in a sacred Maori burial cave. Sir Charles is buying some 'tapu' land. Strange things begin to happen.

The Ghost of Doomy Dwyer
When Doomy Dwyer finds the customs men suspect him, he collapses then wanders away in the night. Has he fallen in the hot spring? Tom sees Sid digging a 'grave'.

Sir Charles starts building the spa hotel on the land once owned by the Maoris.

Why has the level of the lake risen? Has Sarah Jane really seen a Maori war canoe?

The volcano starts to erupt and Tom realises that Sarah Jane is missing.

When the volcano erupts, Sir Charles hands back the title deeds to the Maoris.

Rachel Weston (Image courtesy of Brian Walden)

Palo let me know this has had a Czech language DVD release with some pretty cool cover designs:

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