Join Enid Blyton's characters Philip, Lucy-Ann, Dinah and Jack as they set out on holiday to discover mysterious islands, navigate treacherous rivers and scale craggy mountain tops. Testing grand themes of courage and heroism, these independent and intrepid children venture forth from the valley to the sea and set sail in the name and true spirit of fun and above all - friendship.

Detailed reviews of the series can be found om the World of Blyton site:

The Island of Adventure
The Woods of Adventure
The Valley of Adventure
The Sea of Adventure
The Mountain of Adventure
The Ship of Adventure
The Circus of Adventure
The River of Adventure
and The ‘making of’ feature

This UK series was filmed in New Zealand but I'm not sure if it was ever screened here. The show has been released om DVD... 

dvd coverdvd cover

...and is available to stream in some countries via Amazon.

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