posterYoung crook turned detective, Terry Teo is on a mission to avenge his father's murder. The 80s comic book hero came back in a PG format that saw it streaming first before audiences were on board with on demand as a delivery method. Sadly it doesn't seem to be available to watch in any format last time I looked.


Kahn West as Terry
Hanna Tevita as Polly
Josh Thomson as McMurray
Fasitua Amosa as K-Bar
Byron Coll as Sgt. Phipps
Simon Dallow as Himself
Barnie Duncan as Ray Vegas
Drew Brice Ford as Caleb
Jason Hoyte as Mayor Bob Jamieson
Ryan Lampp as Blue 
Shimpal Lelisi as Leroy Teo
David T. Lim as Dragon Cartel Member
Miriama McDowell as Desiree
Reuben Milner as Rain
Keenan Soa as Iona
Peter Tait as Principal Buckingham
Jackie van Beek as News Reporter
Jennifer Ward-Lealand as Barbara Bertinelli
Kimberley Crossman as Lily
Jonathan Brugh as David Bottoms
Michael Saccente as Byron
Phil Brown as Blake Richardson
Tom Furniss as Thompson
Jodie Rimmer as Line Producer
Theresa Jeffries as Marjorie 
Karl Burnett as 1st Assistant Director
Kevin J. Wilson as Larry
Kelson Henderson as Table-read actor
Amarbir Singh as Harjeet
Millen Baird as Andre Duspat
Leigh Hart as Tom Hagar
Michael Hurst as Cornelius Jones
Cameron Rhodes as Alistair Chase
Hori Ahipene as Protest leader
Fiona Edgar as Rosalyn
Stephanie Leibert as Sylvie
Leon Wadham as Jasper La Roux
Rima Te Wiata as Aunty Hinetu
Elizabeth Hawthorne as Mrs. Butterworth
Manon Blackman as Penelope Butterworth
Mark Mitchinson as Lenny 
Andrea Kelland as Mavis
Glen Levy as Novak
Omar Al-Sobky as Krisjian Murkovich
Sean Duffy as Barney Featherstone
Mark Wright as Lazlo

Producer: Luke Sharpe
Writer: Gerard Johnstone
Director: Gerard Johnstone

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