View Master reelA 26-part adventure series focused on the Fischer family, who owned a vintage Vauxhall Hurling car with a Kiwi mascot.

The cast included Siegfried Rauch, Anthony Blackett, George Henare, Estelle Woods, Peter Nichol, Kapa Kitchen and Judy Stairmand.

Writer: Richard Sparks


1) Hot Welcome (24 June 1981)
A professor and his two children return from England to New Zealand with their prized vintage car and find themselves in the midst of drama and intrigue.

2) The Tiki Of Tamahau Part 1 (1 July 1981)
The Fischers have already crossed swords with their rich and powerful uncle and are curious about the secret of the ancient Maori tiki in his house.

3) The Tiki Of Tamahau Part 2 (8 July 1981)
The strange Maori tiki exerts an irresistible power over Deb.

4) Coromandel Gold (15 July 1981)
An old miner working the last claim on the Coromandel Peninsula is in danger of losing his mine through sabotage.

5) Captain Deborah Bligh (22 July 1981)
Deb forces her reluctant brother Pete to crew for her in the under-16 sailing series

6) The Curse Of The Pharaohs (29 July 1981)
Professor Fischer becomes the sole survivor of the team that excavated a Pharoah’s tomb in Egypt as a curse seeminglv comes into effect.

7) Find The Lady (5 August 1981)
A con-artist worms his way into the household and then the Flying Kiwi goes missing

8) The Last Home (12 August 1981)
Pete joins a birdwatching expedition and discovers that the rare and native Kokako has ruthless enemies

9) The Ninth Man (19 August 1981)
Only serious trouble would force the professor to sell his magnificent vintage car

10) The Human Fly (26 August 1981)
Pete and Hone take their hang-gliders to the coast and discover surveyors in a nature reserve.

11) The Soft Life (2 September 1981)
Deb and Hone catch the waves on an empty blacksand beach, while Pete and a beach ranger hope to catch poachers.

12) The Break Part 1 (9 September 1981)
James Marriott feels anger and resentment towards the Fischers, but has tempting plans for Pete.

13) The Break Part 2 (16 September 1981)
Pete is eager to take his uncle’s - scholarship to University in England, while Professor Fischer has been offered a post at Cambridge.

14) The Phantom Canoe Part 1 (23 September 1981)
A phantom warcanoe appears on the lake when Professor Fischer uncovers a skeleton on a nearby dig.

15) The Phantom Canoe Part 2 (30 September 1981)
The Maori legends come to life, and act against the Fischer family, much to James Marriott's advantage.

16) Stable Mates (7 October 1981)
Pete tries to help a distressed stud owner who is alarmed at the strange behaviour of two of her horses.

17) The Trap (14 October 1981)
Pete runs away from home to escape the pandemonium and takes the Flying Kiwi with him

18) The Guinea Pig (21 October 1981)
Deb receives a surprise present from her uncle, but things sour when the Fischers are held responsible for a killer epidemic that could destroy the farming industry.

back of viewmaster19) No Option (28 October 1981)
James intends to make another fortune by subdividing nearby farmland, but the youngers’ school is in his way.

20) The Bargain (4 November 1981)
Miriana’s extremely cheap car suddenly disappears in the middle of the night

21) Du Fresne’s Bottle (11 November 1981)
Pete sails to the Bay of Islands with Hone and the professor and discovers there is a sinister use of a radio-controlled float

22) Knock Knock Who’s There? (18 November 1981)
Deb lazily refuses to do her share of work about the house until Pete learns of the curse of an ancient Maori Queen.

23) The Cheat (25 November 1981)
The professor suspects Pete of cheating in the university first-year archaeology exam when his answers are the same as those of his brightest pupil.

24) The Last Vintage (2 December 1981)
Professor Fischer tries to save the widow who runs his favourite vineyard from eviction and clashes with his friend Ratu over the matter.

25) The Sacrifice Of The White Queen (9 December 1981)
Pete plays a game of chess in the hope of discovering a clue about a series of puzzling letter-bombs.

26) Eye In The Sky (16 December 1981)
Pete and Hone attach a camera to their radio controlled model aeroplane and are worried by the pictures it takes of the countryside. (Final)

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