Cliff CurtisA two-part New Zealand mini-series about a charismatic cult leader and a troubled priest who are caught in a struggle for the love and soul of a young woman.

1. (23/08/1998) Sarah declares her love for Father Tahere, a priest with a past, he must choose between duty and desire. Meanwhile a manipulative newcomer arrives in Hopetown and begins to take over the hearts, minds and bodies of the townsfolk.

2. (24/8/1998) Sarah slides even deeper under the spell of the seemingly omniscient Peter. So too does Hopetown with Father Tahere the town's last chance, but before he can confront the machinations of The Chosen he must battle the demons within.

Father Tahere: Cliff Curtis
Peter Mcalister: Jeremy Sims
Sarah Gordon: Radha Mitchell
Jim Gordon: Sean Duffy
Andrea Gordon: Catherine Wilkin
Eliza: Yvonne Lawley
Director of Photography: Allen Guilford
Camera Operator: Richard Bluck
1st Assistant Director: Robin Murphy
Art Director: Graham Aston
Editor: Justin Cockerill
Sound: Richard Hansen
Production Designers: Grant Major
Production Designers: Brett Schwieters
Editor: John Gilbert
Director: Peter Donnan
Producer: Keith Slater
Executive Producer: Robin Scholes

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