A programme for grown-ups written by children presented by Ilona Rodgers and Selwyn Crockett. Each week's episode presented a selection of plays written by New Zealand‘s youngest authors, who are introduced to the audience.
Producer - Roger Le Mesurier
Director  - Peter Sharp

19/2/1978  How Do You Spell? by Barbara Robinson
The Woman by Jane Irwin
A Mommy's Buy by Lee-Ann Selwood.
Players:  Glynis Mcnicoll, Norman Forsey, David Parker, Robert Sheehan, Susan Robinson, Anne-marie Johnson, John Cronin, Roger Oaklev, Sharon Skelton, Alma Woods.

26/2/1978 Hospital life by Derek McGovern,
One Moment in Annihilation's Waste by Vicki Spong
Search for the Days of Our Young and the Restless by Bryce Pedersen

5/3/1978 Operation Extermination  Jeffrey Harford
Tani Kawara by Lauren Poole
The Sultan's Pyjamas by Sandy Abbott
Players included Tina Cross, Maki Maihi Tainiora, and George Henare.

12/3/1978 The Girl From Nowhere by Sandra Carter.
The Burglar by Alison Helmnn.
Superduperhuperman by Brian Allan.
Players included Harkai Pihiga, Nikki Fowler-Jones, Jim Biggam

19/3/1978 The Graveyard Inn by Claire Smellie
A Scarf of Marriage by Cherie Frances Duane.
The Players: Ilona Rodgers, Roger Oakley, Alma Woods, Yvonne Lawley, Hazel Cole, Ellen Freeman, Michael Barry , Susan Robinson, Margaret Maxwell, Norman Forsey, Grant Bridger, Selwyn Crokett, Derek Ward.

26/3/1978 The Only Thing in Common by Amelia MacFarlane
The Strange Miss Donovan by Toni Atkinson
The Mould by Shelly Richardson

2/4/1978 Uncle Sebastian by Clarice Hill
Square Vision by Mathew White
The Last Survivors by Paul Leck

9/4/1978 Herbie The Tramp by Kent Fenneman and John Yelverton,
Whose Mother Mine? by Linda Swinburn
Rumpelstiltzkin by Bev Doole.
The Players Derek Ward, Norman Fletcher, Margaret Maxwell, Anne-Marie Johnson, Susan Robinson, Ilona Rodgers, Ellen Freeman, Yvonne Lawley, Selwyn Crockett, Grant Bridger, Rooger Oakley

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