Two strong families, one Māori (native New Zealanders) and one Samoan (Polynesian), make their living at the stalls as they have done for decades. Five years ago, the friendship between the Johnsons and the Limas was broken; one son died in a fight, and another, Sef went to prison for his murder. Now the old wounds are re-opened with the return of Sef to the market. While Sef ’s family welcome his return, the dead boy’s brother, Mike, has nurtured a hatred of Sef and his family. The war between the families is turned on its head when the family’s youngest members, Julia Lima and Tipene Johnson meet for the first time. The attraction is instant and the two teenagers struggle to protect their fledgling relationship amidst the chaos of their family feuds. Can the cycle of revenge be stopped, and if so, are they the ones to do it?

Joe Naufahu - Sef Lima
Xavier Horan - Mike Johnson
Alina Transom - Julie Lima
Taungaroa Emile - Tipene Johnson
Pete Smith - Chris Johnson
Cherie James - Ngarie Johnson
Dave Fane - ?
Rene Naufahu (writer/director)
Brett Ihaka (writer)
Matthew Grainger (writer)
Damon Fepulea'i (director)
Geoff Cawthorn (director)

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