Tucked away on the beautiful northern coast of New Zealand is a hideaway paradise called Marlin Bay. People come form all over the world to soak up the sun and ambience at the Marlin Bay Lodge, and gamble in its world-class casino. Behind its serene exterior the Marlin Bay community is divided - between those who live, work and play at the lodge - and the down-to-earth locals. In season two, ruthless developer Robert Glass has plans for Marlin Bay that would see everything change. Lodge manager Charlotte Kincaid finally gets her chance to own the lodge outright, but she is forced to gamble everything she owns to succeed. Meanwhile locals are prepared to use their own brand of bush justice to counter outsiders with eyes on the exploitation of beautiful Marlin Bay.

Cast included:

Ilona Rodgers
Andy Anderson
Mark Ferguson
May Lloyd
Lani John Tupu
Katie Wolfe
Kevin J. Wilson
Ian Mune
Jeff Thomas
Ray Woolf
Director - Wayne Tourell
Executive Producer - Chris Bailey
Executive Producer - Chris Hampson
Producer - Janice Finn
Writer - Chris Hampson
Writer - Dean Parker
Writer - Greg McGee

@South Pacific Pictures




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