Alec Ross wakes in his beautiful house with his perfect family in the idyllic community of Waimoana; the problem being he can't remember who he is. A nicely presented sci-fi thriller which owed it's basic premise to the cult tv show The Prisioner. 13 Episodes.

Charles Mesure as Alec Ross
Tandi Wright as Callie Ross
Miriama McDowell as Jessica Wilmott
Tania Nolan as Dr Natasha Collins
Steven A Davis as Gordy Leach
Recurring cast and characters as
John Bach as Harry Sheridan
Joel Tobeck as Richard Foster
Peter Muller as Stephen Lovritch
Katherine Kennard as Hope Lovritch
Alison Bruce as Jude
Ariana Brunet as Becky Ross
Tom Cameron as Christian Ross
Alexandra Foster as Paige Lovritch

Created and written by Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan
Directed by Robert Sarkies and Peter Salmon

Was released on DVD

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The usual sources all list this as out of stock, but folks in New Zealand can rent from Aro Video or try their local library as several seem to hold it.

A few episodes are up on Vimeo

Face book page for show

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This Is Not My Life @ TVNZ is now only available via the, where most sites built by production companies seem to end up.

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