It is the big rugby match of the season, but even the best players can make mistakes, on and off the field, as Colin Laing learns to his regret.

Colin - Gerard Bonk
Sandra - Kay Gaylor
Cam - Bill Owns
Bruce - Richard Moss
Johnnie - John Paekau
Bob - Colin Bradley
Stan - Gabriel Pendergast
Mr Laing - Norman Fletcher
Mrs Laing - Diane Burtenshaw
Mrs Laggett - Brenda Simmons

Written by Micheal Anthony Noonan and Keith Aberdein
Director - Wayne Tourell

Produced by Reynolds TV as part of a Ministry of Transport anti-drink driving campaign, this was billed at the time as the first  "major drama" from an independent production company under the new broadcasting structure that had recently been put in place by the government of the day.


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