promo posterThis dark and moody web series won an International Digital Emmy Award. Viewers were able to text in suggestions, aiding the main character as she unravelled a very unusual mystery. Dark-haired Beth (played by Beth Chote) arrives in a town where it's hard to know who to trust. After getting a strange reception from her classmates, she is shown a picture of missing teen Tara by Monika (Michelle Ny). Beth is a dead ringer for the missing girl. Beth tries to grasp the fate of her doppelgänger, whether Tara's ex (Tim Kano) is kooky or caring — and whose story she can trust. 

The second series went by the title Reservoir Hill: Everyone Lies

Beth is back living what she believes to be an ordinary life. But when tragedy strikes her new found family, she is sent on an ominous and unnerving journey in search of the truth and deeper secrets of Reservoir Hill. 

Like series one, Reservoir Hill: Everyone Lies was delivered with new innovative interactive and immersive elements and was again nominated for an International Emmy Award (only the second ever nomination for a New Zealand digital programme).

The plot revolved around the actions of Beth Connolly, a sixteen year old who has just moved to the mysterious suburb Reservoir Hill. Along with missing her friends, boy problems and the separation of her parents, everyone around Beth seems to find her unsettling. Beth discovers she is the spitting image of a girl who went missing a few months before. This sparks a whirlwind of intrigue as she strives to find more out about what is really going on in Reservoir Hill.

Who can she trust? Who is the mysterious boy behind closed doors? What happened to the missing girl? And why do they look identical? 

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