A six part drama looking at Auckland's late night boy racers, through the eyes of a young Chinese immigrant.

Ride with the Devil is a high octane drama with a unique Asian slant. It is the story of Lin (Andy Wong), a student from Shanghai, and the friendship he develops with Kurt Williams (Xavier Horan), a testosterone-fuelled Kiwi guy from the suburbs of Auckland.

The unlikely pair meet because of their shared love of performance cars, though Kurt's motives in befriending the wealthy young immigrant at first are purely exploitative. But when a late night street race goes horribly wrong and the cops are looking for culprits, these boy racers are in it together.

Despite the cultural differences, the characters are brought together by their hugely competitive nature and their great love of cars. Kurt and Lin also have in common their complicated and fractious family relationships. Lin is led into the street-racing world by his cousin Amy who he has come to Auckland to live with - but Amy is reluctant to include him as he might blow her cover as her mother's 'good-girl'. Meanwhile Kurt must deal with his sister - a cop who is hell-bent on keeping him in line.

Producer: Rachael Jean
Director: Murray Keane
Director of Photography: Dave Garbett
Writers: Murray Keane
Writers: Kate Mcdermott
Writers: Joss King
Editors: Mark Taylor
Editors: Lisa Hough
Core Cast: Andy Wong
Core Cast: Xavier Horan
Core Cast: Caleigh Cheung
Core Cast: Lynette Forday
Core Cast: Max Palamo
Core Cast: Ryan Richards
Core Cast: Anna Hutchinson
Core Cast: Nora Aati
Core Cast: Naomi Stuhlmann
Core Cast: C K Cheung
Core Cast: Kate Prior
Core Cast: Ali Foa'i
Core Cast: Greg Johnson
Core Cast: Angela Bloomfield

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